Monday, 28 November 2011

"Ask not what your marketing can do for you - ask what you can do for your marketing


I believe I can get your company   a great deal more coverage in social media  (particularly LinkedIn)  with a new  ‘View from the Top’ concept I have introduced.

Here is an updated proposal on the idea and I would really appreciate your comments on it.

  • At only £185 per month it gives you the right kind of regular extra social media coverage plus email marketing, plus personalisation, plus great ‘Lead Story' positioning from January right through the rest of 2012.  There is a ‘ happy’ benefit too - it will not drive a massive hole in your marketing budget
  • It also helps that you road test the ‘View from the Top’ idea to make sure it gives you a solid ROI.
  • There is ‘Cherry on the Top’. I can let you have a banner / skyscraper in  (400,000 impressions per month) for three months at no charge if you decide the plan is right for you. This offer finishes mid December.
  • I am convinced that this concept would act as a very worthwhile showcase for your company in the new ‘Word Press’ Marketingblog. It will be launched with a great fanfare and a special 80,000 mail shot in January 2012. It’s a great opportunity for you to spread the word and develop more conversations!
If this rings a chord with you let’s talk. I know I can get you that extra social media leverage which will be so important in 2012.
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