Saturday, 26 November 2011

Two Words Guaranteed To Get You More Clients /

Cast your mind back to when you were a child. What were the magic words that got you the things you wanted? Who'd have thought your mum was teaching you great Internet marketing skills. But, she was. Simply minding your Ps & Qs on your website can be the difference between signing up new clients, or not.
Naturally it's  a little more sophisticated than scattering 'please' and 'thank you' throughout your website, so let’s take a step back so we can see why it is so important.
A website visitor is a valuable commodity. Think of how much an average client is worth to you in a year - that is the potential value of each and every website visitor. It makes sense to pay attention to what your website visitors want, and lay out a path for them through your website. Think of it as a red carpet!
Let's look at a typical web visitor, and what they do. Somehow they find your website, whether it's via organic or paid search or social media, or by another means. They will be looking for answers to their questions, your job is to supply the answers on the first page they see.
But what happens after they have got their answer? You don't want them to just disappear from your site and go somewhere else, so you must encourage them to stay. This is the job of a call to action. You make them a compelling offer, and ask them to do something. For example, you create an eBook on the same subject as the page, and your call to action is to download it.
Once they have downloaded your eBook, is that it? No, of course not. The web visitor is worth a fortune, remember? This is where you say thank you. After they have downloaded the eBook direct them to a thank you page. Literally thank them for downloading your eBook, and then give them some other offers to choose from: maybe another related eBook, or a video, or your most popular blogs. It can be anything to keep them interested and engaged.
Think about this: if your web visitor has downloaded two or three things from your website, it’s probably time to give them a call and start the sales process.
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