Thursday, 1 March 2012

Video Marketing for Success

While video marketing may not be new it is still a powerful marketing tool which is set to become even more prevalent in 2012. 

For many companies’ websites and blogs video marketing is an effective way to promote services over a variety of platforms. As the popularity of video marketing increases, it is important not to be left behind.

Check out our top tips to help you to be a success in the competitive video marketing world.
No matter what type of video you are creating it is important to make sure you have the correct equipment and skills. If you are the main star of your video, your equipment may be as simple as a flip camera, light, and some basic editing software. If on the other hand you are planning on creating an animated video, you may choose to invest in more resources into software such as Adobe Premier Elements or Corel Video Studio. Another option for the initial video creation is to get in touch with an agency that specialise in video creation and can give your video that extra professional look.

Content is King!
The content of your video is arguably the most important element to consider within video marketing. To keep viewers interested offer them a variety of content such as video blogs, infographics, ‘how to’ guides and reviews.
Be aware of the massive variety of video and content which is already available over the internet and work to make yours stand out from the crowd. People are generally hooked by a video within the first 15 seconds, so spend this time showing them what this video can offer them in an engaging way. Follow this by keeping the content dynamic, to the point and (depending on the type of content) not too lengthy.
Finish your video with a clear call to action; what do you want people to do once they’ve watched your video? You may want people to buy your product, visit your website, share with their friends – let them know!

Personal Touch
Personalising your videos is a great way to engage with your viewers, whether you create a video blog, or simply put contact or social media details into the video credits. Many businesses are building their brand around their own personality, finding this helps to increase trust and communication with customers. Instead of being a faceless corporation, let your viewers see that you have a personality!

Search Engine Optimisation
One way to get your video seen by the public is to optimise your video SEO. Start with traditional search marketing tactics such as a powerful and catchy title which includes the keywords which you are trying to rank for, also include keywords within the anchor text and any additional video descriptions.
Add to this by publishing transcripts along with your video, this provides search engines with additional information to rank your video, as well as giving your viewers a little extra. 

Finally, get your video out there! Upload your video to your website, to popular video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo and share through your social media sites. To project your video to the widest possible audience, you may want to consider additional software such as or which will share your video with up to 40 different video sharing sites at the touch of a button.
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