Monday, 22 November 2010

What's Your Social Media Success Story? theMarketingblog and Marketing Clout

Do you have a social media success story?
I have an offer for you.
Post your story to

How would you like to tell your story and get more visibility for your business? I'm looking for social media and blogging success stories to feature in theMarketingblog in the next couple of months.
If you have a success that was a direct result of increased visibility on the web, I'd like to know.
  • Did you land a new client from your blog?
  • Get a speaking gig from something you posted on Facebook?
  • Sell out your teleseminar from tweets you posted on twitter?
Submit your story and it could be featured on one of my high-traffic blogs.
1. I'd like to help you boost your visibility, and a guest post or feature story on a blog other than your own can help that.

2. Sharing success stories helps others see the possibilities for success in their own business. People like to read about people who are like them and face similar challenges. They don't want to only hear about me and what I'm doing.
Between blog subscribers, organic traffic, twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn group pages, I reach over 105,000 UK marketing decision makers and influencers. 
Would you like to get in front of these people?
Post your story to
I can't wait to feature you on my blogs and share your on! Will Corry 01784 434 412

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