Monday, 7 February 2011

Mobile e-commerce is the main priority when it comes to new areas of investment

Businessman using iPhoneInvestment in mobile e-commerce projects will be a top priority for companies in 2011, a new survey has claimed.

Massachusetts-based business research firm Endeca recorded the views of almost 600 US business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations and found that investment in mobile e-commerce is the main priority when it comes to new areas of investment.

A total of 35 per cent of companies surveyed already have a mobile programme in place, while an additional 30 per cent have strategies that are in the “early stages of implementation”. A further 25 per cent of firms said they are looking at a number of mobile options and plan to have a “live mobile programme” within the next 12 months.

Less than five per cent of businesses involved in the research project said they had no plans to look at mobile e-commerce during the coming year. 

It’s clear from these findings that the importance of having a strong mobile offering has not been lost on companies looking to increase the volume of goods they’re shipping around the world with international shipping and next day courier firms.

Written by Richard Mercer

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