Thursday, 17 March 2011

Premier Foods to launch online Chef Panel / EasyInsites

Premier Foods Foodservice is proud to announce the launch of the Chef Panel, the first online research panel built specifically for chefs to share their opinions on all catering industry matters.

Unlike other online forums where conversations on industry issues are often influenced by individuals who simply want to 'have a rant', this closed forum will be moderated and pose questions.
The Premier Foods Chef Panel is a pure research panel for individuals who are interested in the research process and in contributing to it. The panel is set up to allow chefs to give direct feedback to a significant foodservice manufacturer and to have a direct impact on what is manufactured and produced for their workplace, for example ingredients or packaging.
Paul Carr, Head of Business Development, Premier Foods says,

Premier Foods to launch online Chef Panel"This is in order that chefs will be given an equal voice within a secure environment, and importantly an environment in which the content of the conversations will be taken on board.
We are in a position to take their feedback on board and make changes for the better and chefs will be able to benefit from seeing the responses of their peers on catering issues."
Chefs participating in the Chef Panel will be offered small monetary incentives via PayPal for their response to any questions and surveys that are posed through the panel.  However, Premier Foods feels that one of the primary benefits of being involved is the access that participants will have to the information and data produced through the research.
Mark Rigby, Sales Development Chef, Premier Foods says, "It is of real value to get thoughts and opinions from others chefs in the business � on all matters relating to catering whether it be flavour, recipes, ingredients or packaging.  It is very easy to get stuck in a rut when you are confined to just your kitchen and menu week in week out but by seeking other's opinions you can often get a fresh perspective to bring back to the kitchen".
The Chef Panel will be multi-sourced and will ultimately reach 5,000 panelists across the UK.  For those interested in joining this panel who are directly involved in the purchase of ingredients or preparation of food in pubs and other eating establishments across the UK, you can contact to register so that you can be invited to join when the panel goes live. 

Research derived from the Chefs Panel will not be accessible to the general public. However, it will be accessible through EasyInsites for those suppliers, distributors and other partners of Premier Foods Foodservice who would like to utilise it for their own research purposes.  The new panel is scheduled to go live this April. 
Premier Foods is the UK�s largest food producer, which manufactures, sells and distributes a wide range of branded and retailer branded foods.  We supply a broad range of customers including the major multiple retailers, wholesalers, foodservice providers and other food manufacturers.  Premier owns iconic British brands such as Hovis, Mr Kipling, Batchelor's, Quorn, Bisto, Ambrosia, Sharwood's, Branston, Oxo, Hartley's and many more.  The business employs around 16,000 people and operates from over 60 sites across the UK and Ireland.

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