Thursday, 19 May 2011

New Silverpop tool enables marketers to Snooze customers, not lose them

Snooze customers, not lose them

Silverpop, the only provider of a scalable, integrated email marketing and marketing automation platform, is celebrating the launch of Snooze, a unique function that gives consumers the option to temporarily take a break from email communication, rather than unsubscribing for good. 
The new Snooze function empowers email recipients with control over the marketing emails they receive, enabling them to pause receipt of communications from companies for a specified period of time. 

For instance, if a customer is going away on holiday for several weeks, or if they have recently made a large purchase (and won’t require the brand’s services again for a while), they can select the Snooze option, halting email communication for a defined amount of time.  They can even choose the exact date they want to start receiving messages again.

Snooze puts the consumer firmly in control of the communication they receive, and allows brands to actively respond and respect individual preferences.  It solves the problem that marketers often face in communicating to consumers at the most appropriate and welcome time, and allows them to continue engaging in a way that consumer preferences at the heart of communication. 

Loren McDonald, vice president of industry relations, Silverpop, commented:

"With the average rate of annual list churn hovering around 20-30 percent or more for most companies, marketers must make every effort to present subscribers with as many options as possible.  By providing the option of a communications Snooze, relationships can be dramatically enhanced, while the brand simultaneously shows its respect for a consumer’s preferences; factors which go a long way to building long term customer loyalty."

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