Sunday, 22 May 2011 once again has provided with great content about ‘Imbibe Live 2011’

by Will Corry, theMarketingblog

The wine also seems to be flowing very freely, so let’s get going .. where’s my press pass please

There are few newsletters and websites that consistently provide us with great content. We all have our favourites, but as the UK content curator I have to keep fresh and vibrant copy coming through. So each week when I receive my copy of HandCNews I scan for a story I can use and last Friday it was at the top of the masthead and easily spotted... Imbibe Live is back… in July

As regular visitors will know we at theMarketingblog love exhibitions.  The digital world is expanding in every sense, demonstrated not least the proliferation of social media. We welcome it, but nothing replaces the value of meeting people and the networking at exhibitions.

Many exhibitions start life as a brand development exercise by media owners most commonly through magazines. The editorial line of the magazine is transposed into show features and the advertising into stands.

Readers of the magazine become visitors to the show and a new dimension further facilitating business communication through the brand is established.

Regular visitors to theMarketingblog will also know that we are a big fan of the marketing from the drinks industry particularly videos, so Imbibe Live, seemed something worthy of a click.

The click took me to a page that outlines the event but also a further click took me to the You Tube Channel. For anyone that has not visited this channel it is well worth a visit, see here. Some classic adverts from the food and drink industry and also some very funny clips too. The Imbibe Live video captures the essence of what seems like a very vibrant event.

The show features look dynamic and engaging, a key attribute required of any media content - on or off line. The visitors look involved and the testimonials from key drinks industry names speak for themselves. The wine also seems to be flowing very freely, so let’s get going .. where’s my press pass please..?
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