Friday, 29 July 2011

Planning to appoint a social media manager - then check this first / 'Linked Influence' from theMarketingblog

Simple and Cost Effective Social Media Management - the 'Linked Influence' plan from theMarketingblog

Almost three-quarters of UK businesses recognise the need to appoint a social media or community manager in the next 12 months, new research shows.
At the moment, 51 per cent of social media or community management is carried out by a marketing manager, 21 per cent by a PR executive and 21 per cent of respondents admitted the role was given to someone in IT.

However, this looks set to change, as 28 per cent of businesses already employ someone dedicated to social media in-house, and a further 41 per cent said they were looking to appoint one in the next year.

Maria Wasing, VP of Marketing Europe & Sales Operations, EPiServer, said:

"These results clearly show that social media is no longer the new kid on the block. However, while an increasing number of businesses are embracing social media, there are clearly areas for improvement if they are to take full advantage of these channels.

Managing social media can be challenging and time-consuming, so it’s vital to put in place a dedicated resource, along with the right tools and platforms to ensure multiple channels can be updated and managed with ease.”

If you are you planning to appoint a social media manager then you might well want to consider using the services of theMarketingblog team 

It's like getting the use of a well tested, result driven data base of over 65,000 UK marketing decision makers and influencers for your success story. It's unique and it's available when you trial the new Linked Influence plan from theMarketingblog

We load your articles into 50+ LinkedIn group sites in order to get the maximum Google and viral effect.
From this Linked Influence plan thrust you will
(a) get more fodder for your data base plus
(b) a strong sales opportunity to get more new business proposals out there.
This is an opportunity to get a hands on / dedicated resource approach for your social media activities which is not going to wreck your hard pressed marketing budget.
If you need some action now and you are planning to appoint a social media manager - talk to us first. Your time will be well spent

'Linked Influence' Please call me Will Corry - the UK Content Curator, 01784 434 412  if you need more information.  Call me today - it's important!
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