Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Social Marketing Seen as "Top Channel" by 71% of Small Businesses

When asked what their most effective marketing channels were, 71 percent of small businesses polled by Roost reported “social marketing” was that channel.
That is more than four times the number who said “paid search” was the most effective channel, according to a new study by Roost.
About 15 percent of respondents indicated that paid search was the most effective marketing channel.
In addition, a full 87 percent believe social marketing is either “somewhat Important” or “very important” as a channel.

Of the social networks local business tend to use most, 84.1 percent reported Facebook was the most effective for their business.
When asked why they use social media to market their business, the number one answer was “saves me money” at 46.1 percent of responses.. And it turns out social marketing is not only good for the bottom line, but for bringing enjoyment to the work day, as nearly 45 percent of respondents also noted that  ‘it’s a fun way to interact with people” as the main reason they use social media.
“Keeps me top of mind” was cited as an advantage for using social media. some  45 percent of respondents agreed that was a key value.
Although it is considered an effective and fun marketing channel for most of the Roost respondents, it turns out social media does not come without it’s challenges for local businesses. Just over 45 percent reported they were not sure how to measure “success” when using social media. “I didn’t know what to post” also was cited as a problem by 39 percent of respondents.  Read more.
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