Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The first stand I visited I was greeted with “Don’t ask me, I just give out brochures” | mktgDIGITAL

David Long asks...What is the point of spending your marketing budget on exhibitions?
Last week I attended Marketing Week Live, a 2 day extravaganza of bright young things in designer glasses discussing the latest must haves in marketing. But it seems to me that the world of marketing should look in the mirror and ask itself a simple question:
“Why did we think it was a good idea to exhibit at Marketing Week Live?”
The first stand I visited I was greeted with “Don’t ask me, I just give out brochures”. The second stand I visited wasn’t much better – “I’m sorry, we have no brochures”. Now, maybe these two companies should meet in the middle? Sadly, neither of these two companies asked for my contact details. Things did get better and I had meaningful conversations with 5 or 6 other companies about live projects where we could use their services.

But, 5 days after the show finished I have only been contacted by one of the companies. Is this really an efficient use of your hard earned profits? To blow it on an exhibition stand, and then make it difficult for prospective customers to interact with you, and when they do succeed, to ignore the sales opportunity that has been presented to you?
I really hope this is not typical of the UK marketing industry, or any other UK industry for that matter. But alas, this mirrors my experiences at the Technology For Marketing show earlier this year, and previous years at both events.
How do you make sure your exhibition budget is more wisely spent?
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