Sunday, 14 August 2011

An important message for UK marketers about 'fresh' new business

 Your question : How can I get more proposals out leading to 'fresh' new business?

First - check one of the four special issues theMarketingblog created for ad:tech London 2012   * Read this proposal
Common sense says - ad:tech would not be spending their hard earned marketing monies unless they were getting consistent results! They, like fifteen other event companies use the 'results' power of theMarketingblog plus the additional thrust of 'Linked Influence' to get......
(a) more proposals out there.
(b) and eventually more new business

Let us create a bespoke Email Marketing plus Social Media results plan for your company.

Call or email Will Corry 01784 434 412 today for a chinwag - your time will be well spent 'results' wise. Do it now.

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