Sunday, 20 November 2011

Question : Will you suffer from 'New Year Blues?

Here's a plan that will help you overcome the dreaded ‘New Year Blues’

Do you want to encourage the right profile and have quality positioning with clarity and authority for your company in 2012?
Create a series of quality content ‘Lead Story' articles with this new ‘View from the Top’ plan

Q. The question is ..What can you do to get your prospects over to a YES? 

Answer : Get the right kind of extra social media coverage plus email marketing, plus personalisation, plus great ‘Lead Story' positioning from January right through the rest of 2012

We create the very best quality, result driven stories for your company which can first of all be loaded into theMarketingblog Better still you will be the lead story each time

We then use our new 'Spreadability Thrust' plan to get massive coverage using these stories in over 50 LinkedIn, Facebook Group Sites and Twitter.

Our LinkedIn Group sites Make real solid use of a well tested, quality names base of over 65,000 UK marketing decision makers and influencers in theMarketingblog

You get this 'no brainer' exposure in Social Media ...


  1. All content tweeted out to theMarketingblog and Marketing Clout  followers.
  2. All content posted on marketing blog owned Facebook properties.
  3. All content posted to posterous,  blogger and tumblr
  4. Permanent hosting of your article on both theMarketingblog and Marketing Clout 
There is the very best of tracking so that you get a full reader results report each time. A complete data set for every reader that clicked through including email address, and in many cases first/last name, address and even telephone number

Most important of all the price is right - it will not break your marketing budget wide open . Call today 01784 434 412 and get your company social media savvy going for what will be a 'tricky' 2012.

Please call - we can have a chinwag and I can take you through the process step by step,

What is this ‘View from the Top’ plan going to cost?

Plan today to spend £185 per month to get this 'View from the Top'  Social Media / E Mail Marketing plan set up for your company from January onwards
Talk to us about payment by standing order on a monthly or quarterly basis.

For as little as £185 per month you can have twelve 'View from the Top' articles working for your business in 2012. Get started today for improved results in the first quarter of 2012.  - at only £185 per month it's great value and it will improve your bottom line figures - fact!

You can guarantee a 'View from the Top' position each time at only £225 per month.

Other options for you....
ü 7 exposures only £1,595 for seven special ‘Marketingblog’ top position articles spread over three months to six months.Plus you get all the support sites and social media thrust 
ü 15 exposures Also consider taking fifteen top position articles over seven to twelve months  – only £2,365. Plus all support sites and social media 
ü 25 exposures   Best value. The grand daddy of them all is twenty five top position articles at only £2,885. Plus all support sites and social media 
Will Corry 01784 434 412   Call today - your time will be very well spent.

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