Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fact : Less than two percent of iPad apps available are truly for commercial business use

However, it is still the case that less than two percent of iPad apps available are truly for commercial business use.  
With the iPad3 expected to be launched in just a couple of weeks (7th March), commentators are already talking about 2012 as the year that tablets really take their place in the work place as a serious business tool. 

A major reason for this is that the software has not been available to enable businesses to get the most out of the device.For further information, or to sign up for a free one month trial, visit  However this is changing – iPresent for iPad is the revolutionary new business tool for organisations to manage, access and present their sales content.   iPresent is an interactive tool ideal for use by sales teams interacting with customers, as well as for executives who require access to corporate collateral on the move. 

It comprises a stylish and easy-to-use app and a content management system (CMS) that allows organisations to push rich content out to any number of iPads.   iPresent’s CMS allows users to centrally manage all content, and to create stylish, branded menus.  As content is controlled from a central point, execs can be confident that the sales team is presenting the most up-to-date information.  
iPresent provides access to all kinds of content – including video, pdfs, images, audio and spreadsheets – via a rich iPad interface which can be branded by the customer. 
iPresent is not about delivering pre-defined, one dimensional presentations.  It is about giving sales people access to all the collateral they need, when they need it, to inform, interact and engage with their customers. Files are downloaded to the iPad, allowing users easy access to all information, with no need for printed documents, bulky laptops, or even a network connection.
Forrester Research
 iPresent’s security model also lets organisations group their users and selectively grant access rights to different content, ensuring users only view information intended for them.   According to a prediction made by Forrester Research in January, enterprises will spend 58% more on Apple hardware in 2012 than they did 2011 – an estimated US$19 billion. 
They expect the figure to reach US$28 billion by 2013.   “In 2012 iPad use in business is expected to grow significantly and salespeople are increasingly using iPads in client-facing situations,” says Phil Lenton CEO of iPresent.  “This emphasises the need for proper, mature, professional business apps and tools such as iPresent.   
“iPresent is set to become the tool of choice as it eliminates the need for sales brochures and clunky laptop presentations, allowing the sales team to present and interact effectively with customers using stylish, branded materials.”   iPresent is available on a subscription basis from  only £14 per user per month. 
For further information, or to sign up for a free one month trial, visit
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