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Can theMarketingblog harness the”virtual scrapbooks”power of Pinterest? | TheMarketingblog

Can theMarketingblog harness the”virtual scrapbooks”power of Pinterest?

by Will Corry on March 31, 2012 in Best advertising story, Pinterest, Research, Social Media, View from the top

We at theMarketingblog felt it would be useful to (a) test the new Pinterest site and (b) explore if it could be used to drive business for us in the B2B arena. Check theMarketingblog’s Pinterest site.

Pinterest hit ten million monthly  unique visitors faster than any other website, drawing comparisons to Facebook. But now growth of the service for sharing images from across the web in  “virtual scrapbooks” is coming back to earth.

Data through March 18th which Comscore shared exclusively  reveal that the company’s growth has started to slow this month.

The technical details: a four week moving average of Pinterest’s unique users showed that growth slowed from an 85% rate between mid-January and mid-February, to an 18% rate between mid-February and mid-March. Based on the latest data, Comscore projects that Pinterest will grow its total unique users in March to just over 20 million, just a roughly 12 percent month-over month increase, after posting a 50 percent increase in February.

Even with this slowdown Pinterest would appear to be another important player in the social media sweep stakes. We are really interested in what you think of our new sister site for theMarketingblog?

Tell us in the comment box below. It would be great to get your input. Thanks.


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