Saturday, 10 March 2012

MediaMind and Encore Media Metrics : "Marketers can optimize campaigns effectively and efficiently while gleaning a deeper understanding of customer engagement cycles" Gal Trifon

Gal Trifon

MediaMind, the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, announced today its partnership with Encore Media Metrics to deliver cross-channel, full-funnel attribution as an extension of the MediaMind platform.

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Marketers can now receive deep, actionable insights through robust, attribution-based reports through the partnership.  As an integrated solution, MediaMind and Encore are reducing the cost, complexity and level of effort normally associated with advanced Analytics.
Attribution solves the "last-click" problem by allocating partial credit to each impression, click and interaction that influence conversions. Through Encore's statistically validated attribution model, marketers can see the true performance of each channel, vendor, placement and keyword. Encore also measures the optimal frequency for converters while quantifying opportunities to expand reach and increase ad efficiency. 

Armed with these insights, marketers can optimize campaigns effectively and efficiently while gleaning a deeper understanding of customer engagement cycles.   “Advertisers and their technology partners are challenged to optimize every dollar in a media buy,” said Gal Trifon, General Manager, MediaMind and Chief Digital Officer, DG. (pictured) 

Campaign performance
“Collaborating with Encore provides our customers another opportunity to maximize campaign performanceat a channel, vendor, placement and keyword level, as well as determine optimal frequency, engagement cycles, and KPIs for search, display, affiliate, email, social and other digital media.”  “With the fragmentation of digital media, advertisers and media agencies find it increasingly difficult to track how consumers respond to cross channel campaigns,” said Steve Latham, Founder and CEO, Encore Media Metrics.

“By integrating the Encore solution with the MediaMind platform, advertisers will have easy access to advanced insights into their ongoing campaigns while saving time, money and energy.”  “We're very pleased to see this integration of attribution and advanced analytics into the MediaMind ad platform,” said Darren Herman, Chief Digital Officer, The Media Kitchen. “

To date, the biggest hurdle to full-funnel, cross-channel views is the level of effort required to deploy yet another point-solution across each campaign. The promise of an integrated solution that reduces the work required on our end is very exciting – and timely.”  
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