Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How much telephone support do you need to provide? / Mediahawk

What Price Customer Service?

How much telephone support do you need to provide?Too much and you ramp up your costs without any tangible increase in sales, too little and you lose revenue to your competitors who are able to deal with customers queries promptly over the phone. More details are available here.

Depending on the product type, it is possible to create a simple 2 x 2 matrix that allows companies to work out whether they should be adding layers of phone based customer service into their internet mix as a way of differentiating their offering. This matrix looks as follows:-

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Mediahawk have recently launched a new visitor call tracking service, Mediahawk Vision.

It works by giving individual website visitors a unique telephone number allowing Mediahawk Vision to track the individual visitor around a website. 

Please click here for more information or give us a call and we will show you a short demonstration that we assure will give you the wow factor! 



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