Monday, 18 June 2012

Increase relevance and conversion by matching your email list to your customer database / Mark Gooding, Mailvivo


After launching our new newsletter for theMarketingblog we thought it would be very useful to our readers if we featured Mark Gooding of Mailvivo (our newsletter partner) in a special five part ‘Make your email marketing work harder for you’ tip series.

Mark and his team comment ..  Type ‘email marketing tips’ into any search engine and you’ll find millions of pages. But how do you know which tips are the right ones? Mailvivo’s email consultants have put together this quick guide to help make your email marketing work harder for you.

TIP #1 – Get everyone together

Increase relevance and conversion by matching your email list to your customer database.

Whether it’s lead generation, sales or viral marketing, organise your data by setting data capture points that are integrated across your landing pages, email list, CRM system and ecommerce platform.

This will allow you to build up a user profile and send your customers a dynamic email that displays content based on his/her unique preferences.

Using Mailvivo

CRM auto-synchronisation compatible with popular CRM systems such as ACT!, Goldmine, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Mailvivo can manage your email segments dynamically. If a Subscriber suddenly
changed their 'Favourite Food' Interest from Cheese to Apples, Mailvivo will move that Subscriber out of the 'Cheese' Segment and into the 'Apples' Segment.

How to get organised
 Segment your database by setting up categories based around user interests
and preferences.
 Organise your data: match your email lists with your CRM system and
e-commerce platform.
 Implement conversion tracking to track your results and measure ROI.

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