Wednesday, 6 February 2013

People across the UK are starting campaigns on issues they care about

A football fan, a local business owner, a volunteer and a cycling enthusiast - what do they all have in common? They are all people who started a petition on and now have hundreds of people supporting their campaigns.

From saving a local nature reserve to taking on Amazon over tax -- people across the UK are starting campaigns on issues they care about and gathering support from all over the country, check out some of the examples below.

It's not too late to join these campaigns or begin your own. You can start your own petition in less than a minute and begin building support straight away using our tips and tools.

So Will, what will you change?

Here are just a few of the campaigns taking off on the site right now:

Shopkeepers campaign to keep out Costa

In Bakewell Georgina Morewood was inspired by local business owners in Totnes who stood up to coffee giant Costa. Now working with other local shopkeepers she has the support of hundreds of local residents for her campaign to stop Costa coffee opening in Bakewell. Join them here.

Football fans unite over ticket prices

In Manchester Rick Hincks thought it was time football fans took a stand against the high price of tickets at away games. He started a petition calling for a price cap and with more than 3,000 supporters he is now working with the Football Supporters Association to see how they can make this happen. Help Rick with his campaign here.

Local volunteers fight to save a protected island

In South Wales Jo Morgan started a petition to protect Flat Holm Island, a local nature reserve enjoyed by families and schools children on days out. In less than 24 hours she gathered a hundred signatures calling on Cardiff council to get them to think again about their decision to cut funds to the island. Help Jo protect Flat Holm Island here.

Bookshop owners take on Amazon

In Warwick independent bookshop owners, Frances and Keith Smith, grew fed up with the unfair playing field that sees online competitors like Amazon avoid corporation tax and decided to take action. Now they have almost 90,000 people supporting their call for Amazon to pay tax. Take a stand with Frances and Keith here.

Cyclists work together to help stop bike theft

In Edinburgh Richard Biggs, a keen cyclist, was annoyed at how easy it is for people to sell stolen bikes. He had the idea that if eBay ask sellers to list bike frame numbers on their adverts it would deter people who are trying to shift stolen goods. Already 800 people are supporting Richard -- you can join them here.

Join a campaign near you or start your own now at


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