Wednesday, 27 April 2011

10 Twitter Networking Tips for New Business

Get more out of Twitter and generate inbound leads for your agency’s new business by creating a personal network of prospective clients.

I didn’t quite know what to do with Twitter in the beginning until I read an article from Angela Maiers, educator, author, blogger who now leads Maier Educational Services. Angela developed a simple Twitter Engagement Formula that provides purpose and direction for her participation. She calls it the 70-20-10 Formula. My formula for using Twitter has evolved differently from hers but it provided a great example on how to get started.
What I’ve discovered with Twitter is that it is great tool for creating awareness and traffic for my blog but is equally effective and efficient as a networking tool. Just remember to retain your offline personal networking skills while online.

Here are my ten tips on creating personal networks with Twitter:

  1. Make a commitment to spend enough time on Twitter to understand how it works. Think of it as just another communications channel. When you’ve paid your dues in the beginning you will be able to better utilize a number of Twitter 3rd party tools to make your time management extremely efficient. Edward Boches, CCO, Mullen, What Twitter Can Do For You – Adweek.
  2. One of the most important lessons I can share is that you remember to Help Others. Zig Ziglar, one of the most successful sales trainers in the world says “if you help enough people get what they want in life, you will get what you want in life”.
  3. Grow targeted Twitter followers. Mashable’s searchable Twitter List Directory is a great place to start. The more traffic that you can generate, from among your target audience, the more inbound new business leads that will follow.
  4. Teach/Don’t Sell. But the best way to close a sale is by building a relationship, Todd Knutson, CEO, The List.
  5. Sustained focused effort. Twitter is more of a broadcast channel than many realize. The majority of users never post anything … but they are definitely reading and clicking. Twitter Usage in America: 2010 – Complete Report.
  6. Gather “real-time” market intelligence and feedback. Social media recognizance could provide a significant advantage to your agency’s new business initiatives. Twitter, along with blogs, blog comments, and other social networks, is abundant with conversations that can give your agency a boost over your competition. Read how JetBlue tested the social media credibility of ad agencies vying for its account and how participating agencies got a leg-up on their competitors.
  7. Take the time to create conversations and get to know those who rise up to help make your content viral by retweeting it through their personal networks. Remember to be genuine. Everybody can tell when someone is schmoozing them.
  8. Give Attention to Your Twitter Profile. Allow your agency to remain in the background. Make your profile relevant to the interests/benefits of your target audience. Here are a few good examples: @bradjhanna@johnsonnhalter@parkhowell.
  9. If you are out of sight, you will be out of mind. There are ways to easily maintain a consistent presence  on Twitter within the time constraints of your busy day. Tweedeck, CoTweet, or Social Oomph are some good 3rd party Twitter programs that will be of help.
  10. Point to resources other than your own. Become a repository of great info for your audience that extends beyond your original content. Link to other helpful resources. May will repay you in kind.
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