Friday, 20 May 2011

SME's : run a customer sat survey following up after each job is completed / Charles Pearson ,EasyInsites


Charles Pearson of Easy Insites says ... I have a friend who spoke with me this past weekend about a plumbing business he has just started, the starting point being a list he purchased from the owner of a previous plumbing business in the area.

After hearing about the business and the near term efforts to build a customer base, it made me think about a few relatively easy things that my friend could do to help build a successful business long term.  So, I thought I would share with everyone what I sent to my friend in a follow-up email …
Collecting email addresses is key, this should occur both when calls are made to the large prospect/customer list you purchased as well as each and every time you serve a customer.  If it is not collected by phone when the appointment is made, be sure to have your service technician ask for it.  These email addresses can be used for marketing purposes, be sure that there is an opt-out option that is clearly stated whenever you do an email marketing blast.

From a market research perspective which is my core area of expertise, you will then be able to:
v  run a customer sat survey following up after each job is completed, thereby enabling you to address any issues or concerns raised promptly and to track results over time
v  run surveys whenever desired to understand why you have not heard from some customers after a certain period of time has passed (lapsed customers) asking questions such as which competitors they are using and why, and what might it take to win them back
v  run surveys to evaluate new product or service concepts, this can include altogether new services you might want to consider offering at some point and/or promotional offers or pricing changes you might be considering to grow your business further.  It can also include testing different ad copy.

EasyInsites can of course help you with developing and running these types of customer and product research when the time comes.  Beyond using your customer email database for research, EasyInsites can also access other consumers in the area for research purposes to help you understand the broader market opportunity.
·         Easy Insites is a full service online research agency focused on offering clients a range of innovative research tools to meet their research needs and to allow them to conduct more research at a lower cost.  Our key product is EasyPanel, our custom panel product with which clients can easily conduct research on their consumers, customers, employees and markets.  Our EasyExchange platform is at the heart of our EasyPanel product offering with its main feature the opportunity for clients to monetise their panelists by making their panel “open” to other researchers, with all appropriate restrictions and limitations set by our client as the panel owner. 
·         In addition, EasyInsites offers a full range of innovative online research products to ensure our clients derive maximum value and insight from their custom panel.  Even without a custom panel, clients can turn to EasyInsites for their online research needs, since we offer a full range of easier, cost efficient yet innovative research tools delivered with a very flexible servicing model.  These tools include EasyVideo – a webcam based interviewing platform; EasyQual – for online bulletin boards and focus groups; and EasyMobile – the fastest and most convenient method for collecting brief polls.  For more information, visit us at
·         For enquiries, please contact:
·         Charles M. Pearson
·         Co-Founder & Managing Director
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