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48% of marketers are using content curation as a part of their marketing strategy. Are you? / The UK Content Curator


According to content curation experts Curata, 48% of marketers are using content curation as a part of their marketing strategy. Are you?

As advocates of content marketing, we at theMarketingblog enjoyed this brief, but intriguing report on the adoption of content curation, It certainly adds fuel to the fire that content marketing must be taken seriously by marketers, and we’re seeing more companies doing it according to HiveFire, the company behind Curata.
In case you’re not 100% sure what content curation is, our definition is that
Content curation is the process of finding, organising and sharing content online.
It’s important that content curation and content origination are both part of a content marketing strategy – it has to be a mix.
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So this blog post is content curation! The key benefit of content curation is brand building – developing a position of thought leadership in your industry, it naturally creates an inbound flow of interest (people come to you) over an outbound push of messages (classic advertising).
Here’s a quick summary of Curata’s report:
  • Get on with it! 48% of marketers already are, Curata reckon that if marketing had Grammy’s then content curation would the the Best New Artist (personally, I think it’s more like the unsung hero now coming centre stage).
  • Be the Elvis in your industry. The key motivations for marketers are elevating brand buzz and establishing thought leadership. In short, be worth sharing.
  • You’re probably involved in content curation already. Marketers are curating content naturally with the motivation of helping their audience make buying decisions, even if it’s not formalised as a part of the marketing process.
  • Content origination is the biggest barrier to increased adoption of a content marketing strategy followed by having the time to create or find good content to share. Yet – marketers perceive content curation as 69% more important that a year ago.
  • Content is out there to be found and shared – with blog and news sites topping the list.
So that’s how we see it. Would you say you’re involved in content curation – and – is it working for your brand?
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