Thursday, 17 February 2011

How can traditional B2C tools be utilised for B2B? Twitter/Facebook for business: how to connect / SMWF Europe


Enterprise Social Media

For marketing professionals Enterprise Social Media becomes most important when used as a tool for driving employee engagement to reach business objectives.
How can internal communication be best managed to drive external messaging and customer relationship management?  What part do enterprise social media platforms play in managing internal communications to reach these goals?
As many more communications managers are being asked to take the dual role of managing both external and internal, how is social media helping and what problems does it present?
Internal communication could also be said to be key in governance of social media.  Should employees at all levels be allowed to ‘tweet’ and what mechanisms should be in place to manage this?
0930    Keynote Q&A - Building a Connected Graph of Business Professionals
            Challenging enterprise boundaries, and building social collaboration with b2b social media marketing.
            Empowering a social business – encouraging employee and client engagement with social media.

1000     Applying social media theories to business to business marketing:
             • Understanding  the cross over between B2B and B2C when planning a social media campaign
             • Selecting which platforms to use and why
             • What are social media management systems and how can the help maximise ROI?
             • How to measure social media in terms of success
             • All or nothing – how social media can enhance your existing digital marketing campaign with potential customers.
             • Which B2C ‘just don’t work’ for B2B?
             Zoe Sands, Head of Digital - EMEA, Juniper Networks
1045    Discussion Essential social media marketing tools for B2B
            • Which of the specialist B2B tools available are most valuable and how they can be used in practice.
            • How can traditional B2C tools be utilised for B2B? Twitter/Facebook for business: how to connect
1115 Networking Break
1145     Social CRM for B2B marketing
           • How does the social CRM approach change for B2B instead of B2C marketing
           • Spam sensitivities of B2B clients - building a community by communicating the right message at the right time
           • Effectively educating the sales team in social media communication
           • Getting the most out of LinkedIn
1230      B2B brand case studies: How B2B brands have successfully utilised social media

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